Federated Ordnance offers cutting-edge manufacturing of firearms ammunition and loading components. Federated Ordnance brings a modern approach to manufacturing, safety, reliability, and process to the ammunition industry within the United States. Federated Ordnance is dedicated to building on the timeless traditions and history of our shooting and sporting past and make available a modern and lasting source of ammunition and components for the future.



We take the finest material from around the globe and manufacture cups in both brass and copper. Federated Ordnance has the capability to be your single source for cupping. Our lines handle the punching process, wash, annealing, etching, final tumble, and full optical inspection of each individual cup.


Rifle and Pistol Brass.

We utilized our high-speed transfer presses to manufacture both pistol and rifle brass. Starting with premium cups, our lines will form, wash, tumble, and do a full optical inspection that is backed up by a physical inspection for each individual piece of brass.


Lead wire and core manufacturing.

Using premium lead, we smelt in house and extrude our own wire. We also manufacture our own cores on header machines. From this premium lead wire to be used in the bullet manufacturing process. Each individual core is optically inspected to assure size to weight verification before going on to the bullet forming process.


Bullet Forming (FMJ)

Cups and cores move on to our host of bullet forming transfer presses where the cores are combined with the cups to form a perfect projectile. Washed, tumbled, and then optically inspected for dimensional accuracy one by one. Our bullets then go on to an individual weight verification for absolute consistency.


Loading and packaging.

Our 6 loading lines can be implemented in many configurations. Premium in house components are combined with primer and powder on high speed automated loaders. The process included primer crimping, sealing of case necks and primers for waterproof applications. We then do a full optical inspection and visual inspection of each round of ammunition. Critical applications then go on for an individual weight verification of assembled rounds. Packaging is handled by automated assembly and palletized by robot arms for shipping.


Inspection and validation.

We have a host of in house inspection equipment that conforms to NATO and SAAMI standards for grain structure, hardness, water submersion, primer sensitivity, velocity, chamber pressure, lock time, accuracy and more.